Strange Bedfellows updated

I changed the flashback with Harms’ father. I felt the imagery of the sword lifting the pendant was really cliche, and I changed the pendant itself from being jewelry to a telescope lens. I have some ideas for how that will better tie into the story, since the pendant thing was sort of a vaguely defined macguffin in my mind when I originally wrote that part.

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Prologue revision

I’ve made a few changes to Prologue. I’m much happier with the tone and descriptions now than I was before. Next up, I want to work on the pacing at the last segment of Dregs. I think it moves too quickly right now, so I’m going to pad my descriptions more or something. Suggestions welcome. Once I’m done with those, I’ll come back to finishing Prison Break, which is likely going to be a bit on the longer side.

I remain pleased with Strange Bedfellows. 😀

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Dregs fix’t some.

I changed a few minor things. Helped the flow. Onward to more prison, and breaking.

On a sidenote, someone I didn’t know contacted me on AIM this morning (I was asleep, sorry!) wondering if I was the author of this. On a whim, I checked my blog stats and saw that today, I had over three times my previous hits COMBINED. I was actually kind of excited by this, since I haven’t been advertising this at all, and I wasn’t expecting that. However, my stats don’t show where it’s coming from! So I put it out to you people who are looking at this: where ya from?

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I just realized…

I’m re-reading Chapter 3 and I noticed a few incoherent parts where I even have words missing, and there is a portion where they’re supposed to reach a beach, but I don’t describe it properly at all. I’m going to revisit that before I finish Prison Break.

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Prison Break

First part of Chapter 4 is up. I’ll be adding to this one, it’s going to be slightly longer. Also it takes me longer to write ACTION for some reason. This one should turn out pretty cool.

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Hi, this is a story I’m writing. I’m splitting it up into discrete chapter-pages that are over along the sidebar.

In the prologue in particular, I am terribly unhappy with my fly-by descriptions of the surroundings. I’m going to come back to this at some point, and I welcome suggestions by way of comment.

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